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Restore vs Recycle: Why Are My Fabric Scissors Catching at the Tip?

By Cody H.


Customer Question: When I use my fabric scissors, the tip of the scissors catch the fabric and pull little threads which snags and puts runs in my fabric. What causes this and can you fix it?!

Answer: Yes! We can fix it, and it’s included at no extra cost in our signature sharpening services!

The main cause of snagging and pulling at the tip is caused by a little gap where the very tip of the blades don’t meet. This happens to all types of scissors as a normal result of sharpening (usually after multiple sharpenings or after repairing major wear/damage).

In order to fix this, we will either reduce the bumper (the small protrusion on one/both of the handles that keeps proper spacing), or by subtly shortening the overall length of the blades. Once a small overlap at the tip is restored, your fabric scissors will be performing optimally again and will be oh “sew sharp”!


Cody brings to Moleta an artists eye (making them a fabulous sharpener) and brilliant solutions to life's little problems (making them a fabulous coworker). Cody loves to garden and craft when they aren't sharpening blades at Moleta.


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