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There are more talented sharpeners who are easy to work with in your area than you think. Moleta is dedicated to supporting local sharpeners and helping customers find the right sharpener for them. We work with sharpeners who are honest, kind, and dedicated to their craft. Our collective goal is making the bladed tools, that enable you to do the things you love, last as long as possible while working at their highest quality no matter the brand or condition they came to us in. When you see a sharpener that we work with you know the entire experience will be based on those values. We are working together to keep blades out of landfills and people out of hospitals by making high quality sharpening accessible to everyone.


It's true. Dull knives, and bladed tools in general, are more dangerous to work with. Not only are we constantly learning and perfecting how to get the perfect edge on every tool, but we want to teach people how to make that edge last longer and use it safely. Moleta offers classes for people of every age whether they are getting their very first pocket knife or just starting to cook. 


Moleta is a woman owned profit sharing business started to give sharpeners who treat their craft like an art form a place to thrive and learn from each other. Together we are committed to maintaining a workplace that is free of all forms of discrimination and harassment so we can focus on what we do best; absolutely pampering your blades. We love connecting with new sharpeners who share these values and want to be around and supported by like minded individuals. If you're interested in a career sharpening or furthering your existing sharpening career, let's connect!

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