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Restore vs Recycle: Straight Razors

by Cody H.


Question: I inherited a couple of old straight razors from my grandfather, but they’re very dull and one of them is pretty rusted. Are they worth getting sharpened?

Straight Razor

Answer: Straight razors that have experienced a minor amount of neglect, a simple sharpening and buffing at Moleta is usually all that’s needed bring back that ultra fine edge, and get you started on a phenomenal shaving experience.

Major dents, wear, and especially heavy rust, can effect the underlying metal, causing it to be too damaged to bring it back to a safe shaving edge. Oftentimes, heavy rust indicates pitting, corrosion, and splits in the razor itself. Even pitting that is too small to see with the naked eye can cause micro-nics in the cutting edge that will result in poor performance and painful shaving!

Luckily it never hurts to get a free evaluation form or trained professional. Our staff can tell you if it worth your money to get a straight razor ready for daily use, or it it is time to retire Grandpa's old straight razor into a show piece.


Straight Razor

Cody brings to Moleta an artists eye (making them a fabulous sharpener) and brilliant solutions to life's little problems (making them a fabulous coworker). Cody loves to garden and craft when they aren't sharpening blades at Moleta.


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