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Knife Lessons and Confessions

From a customer turned professional sharpener

By Cody H.


Friends, I have a confession, before I became sharpener, I too was guilty of knife abuse. Now

don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to abuse my knives. In fact, my routine might've sounded a

little similar to your own.

It went little something like this; I would purchase a new knife, use it, toss it in my dishwasher and storing it uncovered in a drawer. In a few weeks, it would go dull. In a few months, it was practically unusable. I would yank it through my pull through sharpener hoping to get a little more life out of the blade, but the results were never very satisfactory. That cycle will continue; buy a new knife, use it for a while then get new ones or struggle. My poor knives.

Little did I know how much this routine would change with one trip to the sharpeners at Moleta.

It started as a last-ditch effort to try and not waste more money buying a whole new set of

knives. I brought A few rusted, battered blades, full of chips and broken tips to the farmers

market. Less then 20 minutes later I was handed back a set of knives that were more finely

polished than when I got them out of the box! I was already impressed with how they looked! My

knives broken tips had been restored to a fine point, the chips, dings and scratches were

completely missing from my previously battered blades.

The real revelation came after I got them home to prepare dinner. I was astounded! My knives

hadn't cut this well brand new. Immediately I was hooked. Lucky for my knives, the sharpeners on duty give me a little bit of education.

First, no more dishwasher. It's easier than washing them by hand but the motion of the dishwasher was sure to clank my knives around and lose that beautiful edge.

Second, I got a set of edge guards so my knives weren't sitting loose in the drawer, clattering together, dulling the edge I had just bought.

Most importantly- that pull through sharpener? Straight into the trash!

The results have been unbelievable ever since. I expected the sharpening to last no longer

than my knives had lasted out-of-the-box, but with a little more attention in the care of my knives

the edges stayed well past the few weeks I was used to!

It's funny how complete the conversion from a knife abuser to an educator has been. All it took

was that first sharpening and I was hooked. I don't mind putting a little extra care into my blades

with the knowledge that they'll cut better and make my dinner preparations so much easier. Now

I'm the one explaining to our customers what to do and how to care for their knives when they

receive them fresh and sharp from our shop and I couldn't be happier doing it.


Cody H Moleta Certified Sharpener 2022

Cody brings to Moleta an artists eye (making them a fabulous sharpener) and brilliant solutions to life's little problems (making them a fabulous coworker). Cody loves to garden and craft when they aren't sharpening blades at Moleta.


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