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Scissor Sharpening Service

Precision scissor and shear sharpening 

Scissor Sharpening Service

Whether you're bringing your favorite Gingher or a regular kitchen scissor for sharpening, you can trust Moleta's artisans to have them gliding through material as beautifully as the day you first got them in just a few minutes. Say goodbye to lackluster sharpening results and hello Moleta.

Our sharpening artisans train to match any angle as well as recognizing and repairing previously incorrectly ground angles. Our scissor sharpening service has inclusive prices, so even if your tip needs reshaping or you have major damage that needs to be taken care of, you'll still have your scissors back in just a few minutes at no extra charge. 

Scissors and shears can develop a variety of problems over the years that often can be fixed while other problems can't. Broken tips are an easy fix in reshaping them to meet again.  Deep nics or other damage can be removed, but if a lot of material needs to go sometimes the blades will need to be shortened. If your scissors got rusty, rust removal soak and clean can be done before they are sharpened. Serrated edge scissors can be sharpened without losing the serrations, but if they are very worn down, we may recommend removing them completely. 

Bends in the blade that create gaps preventing the edges from meeting together can sometimes be gently bent back, but this depends on both location of the bend and the steel the scissors were made out of. The one problem there is rarely a worthwhile solution is when your scissors or shears have become loose and instead of a bolt, the manufacturer used a rivet that cannot be tightened. Sometimes these scissors can still get some use when appropriate torque is used while cutting, but if used in this manner too often, it can create undue stress on the thumb and wrist associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Most scissors and shears have a lot of life in them with the right scissor sharpening service. At Moleta, all scissor sharpening is done by hand, so our sharpeners can maintain or make changes as you wish! If your tips are too sharp for your purposes, they can round them or vice versa. Do you want a dress makers knife edge put on a shear? We can do that.

Kitchen and craft scissors are deburred and tested on 20lb printer paper. Fabric scissors and pinking shears are deburred with paper plus go through additional testing with various fabrics. Final inspections and testing feel for remaining nics, and making sure material is catching and cutting rather than sliding. This service is appropriate for expensive fabric scissors, but is affordable enough to help keep your kitchen and garden shears our of the landfills for many years as well.

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