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Medium Knife

Medium Knife


Mail your medium knives for signature sharpening and get them back working better than the day you first got them. Ideal for everyday and higher quality knives.


Medium Knives: blade measures 3.5-6"

  • steak knives
  • 6" boning and carving knives, etc.



  • Basic reshaping
  • Micro convex bevel
  • 600 grit / 5-7 micron polish
  • Drop test through 20lb printer paper 
  • Moleta certified sharpener


No Extra Charge for: 

  • Chip removal
  • Broken tip fixes
  • Serrations




    We recommend using recyclable materials like cardboard and newspaper. If you don't have edge guards, cardboard and painters tape make a quick and easy sheath. Newspaper can help  ensure there is no wiggle room in the box you choose to use to mail your items in. 

    Kitchen knives, hunting knives, and most pocket knives can be mailed, but it is important to make sure all edges, tips, and locking mechanisms are secure.

    Please ask your local postmaster if you have any questions or concerns!


    Items are typically sharpened the same day or next after they arrive and shipped out that day or next. Please allow 1-4 days for processing and your items will be back on their way home!


    Your free to choose any courier you like to ship us your items. Return shipping is calculated at checkout with options starting at $8.95. See our Shipping Information Guide for more details:

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