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Bulk Scissors & Pinking Shears

Bulk Scissors & Pinking Shears


Bulk Requirements:

  • For businesses only
  • Minimum quantity: 20
  • Scissors and pinking shears only
  • Can be mix & matched with bulk knives



  • Basic reshaping
  • 600-1000 grit / 5 - 7 micron polish,
  • Tested on 20lb printer paper and plastic film
  • Fabric & Pinking shears test through various fabrics 
  • Moleta Certified Sharpener 


No extra charge for:

  • chip removal
  • tip fixes
  • serrated edges




    We recommend giving carry cases extra padding inside and out when shipping. If you don't have a carry case for your shears, we recommend wrapping them in paper or fabric and securing them with tape. 

    It is important to make sure all edges and tips are secure for the safety of our postal workers. Please ask your local postmaster if you have any questions or concerns


    Please allow 3-4 days for processing after they arrive at our storefront and your items will shipped back. Estimate 7-10 days from the day you send them.


    Your free to choose any courier you like to ship us your items. Return shipping is calculated at checkout with options starting at $12.95. See our Shipping Information Guide for more details:


    Orders that are not for a business or do not meet the minimum requirement of 20 scissors or shears will have their invoices adjusted and billed at the signature sharpening price by length $7-8 accordingly

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