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Knife Sharpening Service

Looking for a knife sharpening service you can trust?

AMoleta, we believe knife sharpening is an art form and we've spent over a decade perfecting state of the art techniques so you can have peace of mind when it comes to having your knives sharpened. Our artisans are capable of achieving knife sharpening results that most people didn't know were possible. ​Our goal is to keep people out of hospital and blades out of the landfill with techniques that can make any knife feel better than new.

Traditional knife sharpening techniques are done on hard surfaces with even passes and don't allow for adequate reshaping of knives as steel is removed. They create swales, flattened curves, or destroyed serrations. Our three dimensional freehand sharpening technique allows us to account for a repair irregular edges while removing less steel and create a microscopic convex grind that lasts three to four times longer than a flat grind created by hard surface sharpening. Sharpening freehand on a soft surface has many unique challenges that explain why it's not as commonly seen, but our certified sharpeners spend more time training in our specific techniques so we can bring you the highest quality edge whether the knife is your prize possession or for everyday use.

So why does it seem that knife sharpening devices at home or even using same knife sharpening service that did a good job the first time is now seeming to make them worse? There just isn't an unskilled method of sharpening that can make a blade last like an artist who has spent hundreds hours practicing can. 

Knife Sharpening Service

Our sharpeners learn to match or reproduce the proper angles by eye with a slight slack in a sanding belt. This method, as opposed to a sharpening stone wheel or plate grinding removes remarkably less steel from the blade. Additionally, properly using the slack also creates and edge that has an outward curve on a microscopic level leaving more steel backing up the edge which means your knives will stay sharp longer. While it is a more difficult style to learn because a sharpener must properly navigate three dimensions instead of two, it allows our sharpening artisans to remove more or less steel where needed to preserve the shape of your knife or bring it back to what it should be in record time. 


This knife sharpening method takes intensive training and an artistic eye to master, but the results are well worth it. Dull knives are responsible for more debilitating injuries than any other handheld tool. Whether it's your staff, your family, or your friends, everyone deserves to work safely. 

Typically we think of a professional knife sharpening service as only being for expensive knives, but our artisans will sharpen any knife to feel better than new and last longer too! Fast results are another benefit of our knife sharpening technique, so you get a reduced wait time and NO EXTRA CHARGES even if your knife has serrations, gouges, chips, or a broken tip.


This is your sign to stop throwing away your dull or damaged knives no matter the brand, whether they are old or relatively new, they can be better than new at a fraction of the cost with a short visit with a Moleta certified sharpener. No judgement, only the best knife sharpening results you've ever seen. 

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