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Hair Shear Sharpening Service

Hair shear sharpening experts that you can trust


You're busy, so we make hair shear sharpening easy for both professionals and people at home. Whether we visit you at your studio or you drop off at any of our access points, you be assured that your hair shears, clipper blades, and straight razors are in good hands. Dull tools are more likely to cause irritation for the people they are being used on and mistakes for the people using them. Hairdressing and barber tools are an extension of your body when you use them, so you need a hair shear sharpening service that puts the same love and attention to your tools as you give your clients every day.

Every hair shear is disassembled and cleaned. Each blade is sharpened independently by hand before being reset, balanced, and adjusted. In a final inspection of all moving parts we fine tune with additional cleaning and lubrication. This is ideal for high quality professional shears, but can make the economy shears you use at home better than new. 

We strive for detail every step of the way using classic hair shear sharpening techniques and state of the art equipment specifically for your hair shears. Precision angles on a patented jig give highly accurate results every single time from experienced sharpeners who can accommodate curved and left handed hair shears. Straight razors are approriately taped and finished on a series of whetstones. 

Working with dull or loose hair shears forces the hand to apply more pressure not only wearing out your hands more quickly in a day, but often causing long term damage to the muscles, joints, and nerves in the thumb and wrists. Having a hair shear sharpening service that is easy to find and available when you need them is crucial to your long term health.

Let us pamper you and your tools the way you do for everyone else!

Coming soon:  

High quality shears and specialty ordering through our shop

plus expanded service times and events this fall and winter!

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