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Garden Tool Sharpening Service

Let's make those tools do the work for you

Gardening Tools

When you're working outside, dull blades can put a complete halt or add frustration to your projects. If blunt pruners and long bladed trimmers are bending and tearing your plants we can have them right in just a few minutes. Do your beat up lawnmower and mulching blades have curves in them? No problem. Not only can our sharpening artisans follow any curves, they can also repair even the deepest of chips, but will finish them with a stronger and smoother edge than they had when they were brand new. 

Most gardening tools that need to be sharpened are single edges blades with curves that cannot be sharpened in devices that aren't made specifically for that tool. Since our artisans are trained to sharpen freehand they can accommodate blades curved in any direction taking off more or less steel where appropriate to keep your garden tools functioning through even the roughest work. You'll be amazed at how much easier your bladed garden tools feel to use and how much more you can get accomplished in a day when they are properly sharpened.

Moleta's garden tool sharpening service includes a basic oil and cleaning, but we offer an additional full soak and rust removal for tools that need it. Many older garden tools are made out of a steel with a high carbon content which does hold it's edge better, but rusts easier. Our rust removal service will leave a patina on your blades that can help protect rust from building up as much in the future! Lawnmower blades are carefully balanced before being returned to optimize your lawn mower's longevity and performance. 

Similar to scissors, long bladed trimmers and pruners can develop bends in the blade. Usually this is caused by an attempt to cut something larger than the tool was intended for. Sometimes these can be bent back and other times they can't. If it really is time for you to get a new tool, we will let you know. Our priority is getting you working as safely and smooth as possible. Items like axes, shovels, and lawnmower blades were built to survive deep nics and as long as the steel is not cracked, they can be removed. 

Take a closer look at your garden tools with blades and ask yourself if you are working harder if your need too. Most garden tools can be sharpened for a fraction of the cost of buying them new and haven them performing even better. If you want lawnmower blades that whisper through your lawn, pruners and long bladed trimmers that barely need pressure applied book an appointment at our shop or visit us at one of our onsite sharpening events!

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