At Moleta we offer the most durable convex grind lasting 3-4 times as long as other sharpening services and removing less steel. 


Most sharpening services available produce a flat grind via machine grinding or using a jig to hold the blade at a certain angle. At Moleta we train our sharpeners to do the same thing by eye and feel which allows us to press into our machine and produce a convex grind which lasts 3-4 times as long as a flat grind and removes less steel. The reason you don't see this more often is that it takes several years and an artistic eye to master.


Our artisans train longer and more extensively because we are passionate about giving you an edge better than the factory grind that came on your tool. When you come to Moleta, you are guaranteed to get a skilled artisan every single time. Why throw something away when it can be better than brand new at a fraction of the cost?


Broken tips? Gouges and nics? No problem! We can fix them so quickly and easily that we don't even charge you extra.  


Our convex grind yields an incredibly sharp blade with a durable cutting edge suitable for everything from your favorite kitchen knives to axes and lawnmower blades. Your blades with stay sharp longer, meaning you get more use from your knives and tools before resharpening. 


Let Moleta sharpen your dull blades, and discover the difference our convex grind can make.

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