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Machine Sharpening Service

Precision sharpening service for industrial machines

chainsaw chain sharpening.jpg

When you want to save time and money, we make regular machine sharpening service for your tools easy. Dull tools are not only far more dangerous to work with, they can put unnecessary stress on your expensive machines making them wear out faster. The same can happen when the blades are improperly sharpened leaving them off balance or with the incorrect angle. Keep you and your team safe with sharpeners you can trust. 

At Moleta, we are dedicated to not letting the art of sharpening be lost to history. While we focus on the benefits of artistic sharpening for knives, scissors, and basic garden tools, there are some blades that require an expert machinist and industrial equipment to sharpen blades with teeth, perfectly square edges, or matching weights. We work with some of the most experienced machinists in the area that share our standard of quality. Whether you use industrial equipment at home and just have one or two items or are a business that needs bulk sharpening we'll get it to the people best for the job and returned in typically one week. 


Use any of our access points to drop off your chainsaw chains, saw blades, chipper knives and more. Pick them up the next week or schedule a delivery from one of our staff! 

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