Knife-grinder of Northern Italy and the originators of Western style knife sharpening

At Moleta, we love two things, knives and people.

We are located on the corner of Capitol and Calhoun and just above the amazing Saloon on Calhoun (with bacon!) and only six minutes from the Brookfield Farmers Market. We offer sharpening while you wait or you can drop off your items in our convenient 24-hour padded dropbox and we will call you when your items are done! See our store hours page for more detailed instructions on using our secure dropbox. 

We strive for attention to detail and making your favorite knife or tool like new again no matter how many years it has been hard at work. We never charge extra for broken tips, chips, or serrations. See our price list for more information!  

17000 W. Capitol Dr, Suite 9

Brookfield, WI 53005



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